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“To hear and to deliver your own sound accurately, while amplifying with bass amp/PA”.


To respond to the desire of many players, we developed Pickup amplifier - which focus on the vibration of the soundboard(sound of instrument)  instead of the vibration of the bridge (sound of strings).


* Patent Number  6198217 (H 29.9.1) 



PICK UP Features----

* Amplified sound as if it were collected by a microphone.

* You can feel the acoustic unamplified sounds playing at live.

* Not to emphasize an unpleasant sound, and  to minimalize the lack of necessary sounds.

* Smooth frequency characteristics from low-pitched  tone to high-pitched tone.

  (It’s not hi-fi because of the characteristic of piezo )

* No EQ in bow play.

* A lot of flexibility in EQ 

* Powerful sound and low noise

* Enable recording the real sound as much as possible even with various instruments.

* Easy to install and detach.

* Less bad influence to the vibrations of instruments due to its light weight

* Use the non-dyed  leather for the part touching on the instrument directly 

   to avoid damage on the body when it is installed

* Sensitive for touch noise  due to its structure.

* React directly depending on the condition of instrument and environment where      

  performance takes place.   


Piezo Pickup For Contrabass


Piezo Pickup For Cello


Piezo Pickup For Piano


Piezo Pickup For Acoustic Guitar

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