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Pickup for contrabass

[To a bass player who has given up/who can’t give up ]


We contrabass players have many opportunity to use pickup and amp to amplifying our sounds to fit into the larger whole of performing group.


There have been lots of choices of pickup s so far.  We've been looking for a pickup that best fits our needs or preferences,  by purchasing and comparing various types of features of pickups. Sometimes, we mixed a few pickups to get best original sound.


But we always feel dissatisfied with a pickup when we use it.

That is a big difference between the sound picked up and amplified with bass amp by using those pickups  and the nature sound that the bass players hear themselves.


There is no doubt that it is the best way to select and use a microphone in sound quality point to amplify original contrabass sounds.

It is no problem in the well equipped environment like  recording studio.

However, when you play in concert hall or perform  live, microphone has another problem that it easily picks up the sounds of another instruments or often causes howling sound .


In string instruments, the vibrations of the strings are transmitted to the body of the instrument through the bridge or other mechanisms, which allows it to produce the deep and rich sounds to the audience. 

In reality pickups we used so far mainly picked up only the vibrations of strings instead of vibrations of soundboard due to its mount location on the body. It means we’ ve amplified another different sounds instead of the vibration of instrument itself.  And worse, they sometimes bothered the original vibrations depending on the mounting position.That is not good for the players from a mental health standpoint.

The vibration of the soundboard involves not only for the vibrations from the strings but also those from the bridge or backboard coming through the sound-post. 

B&C accoustic CP-CB01 has been developped to focus on amplifying the vibrations of top-plate, which is the biggest and final vibrations the string instrument produces.

B&C accoustic CP-CB01 is made of the same material as soundboard, SPURUCE, on the basis of the result after testing prototypes in various materials.

This light material, which can transmitted the sound quickly and naturally from the low tone to high tone range, enable to pick up top-plate vibrations without disturbing vibrations of soundboard attaching pick-ups.

Acoustic characteristic of B&C acoustic CP-CB01 is very similar to the frequency characteristics in case of collecting the sound by a microphone.

It feels like as if it’s amplified the real sound, even using a kind of old technical method, piezo element.

Especially , it is able to generate and attenuate the sound naturally.  Sometimes piezo element pickups have harsh or husky sound, however this doesn’t have such a conspicuous sound It also has no frequency characteristics which is occurred peculiarly by mounting around the bridge.

 Because of this character, you can adjust the equalizer as you like.

B&C acoustic CP-01 pickup can reduce dissatisfaction drastically what bass players have been felt with while using pickups and bass amp PA so far.

This is new idea of piezo pickup which was proposed and developed with quite a new concept.



This is the light piezo pickup attaching with wooden clump at f-hole on the surface board of contrabass.

Acoustic amplified sound with less harsh noise is the feature of this pickup.


Available in 3 colors

Each pickup is unique and the wooden grain and color might vary slightly.

The specification of the details is subject to change without notice.



*Pickup and clump/Made of spruce

*Screw of clump/Made with PEEK polymer

*Phone jack /Switchcraft

*The parts attaching on the tailpiece/Leather



*This pickup is not stable for the surfaceboard of over 8 mm thickness (where the clump is located at )

or the the width of the f-hole less than 19mm.

*Noise due to the failure o malfunction of the instrument will be increased because of pickup’s structure. Moreover, the noises caused when bow touches bow holster in case of putting in and out from the bow holster (Bow quiver ) on the tailpiece.

**CP-CB1 was updated to CP-CB1b as of June, 2018.

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